5 European Thriller Movies You've Never Seen

Perhaps the main advantage of any films is that they help to fall out of reality for an hour and a half or two, reboot and relax. Detectives and thrillers are particularly good at this task — the intrigue on which the plots are based attracts all attention to what is happening on the screen. We are following the search for murderers, trying together with detectives to solve mysterious crimes and wondering what surprises await us closer to the finale. If you want to watch something interesting and intriguing now, then we have found 5 little-known European thriller movies.



Director Mikael Håfström

IMDb Rating

A true and captivating story about the biggest legal scandal in Swedish history, the story about the reporter who questioned an entire legal system. Hannes Råstam was dedicated to proving the innocence of Thomas Quick and unmask the legal chaos which sentenced Quick to a life in psychiatric prison.


El cuerpo

Director Oriol Paulo

IMDb Rating

In the middle of the night, a guard working the night shift at a morgue located deep in the woods has a terrible car accident. But, why did the guard panic and left his post in the first place? Furthermore, according to the register, the body of Mayka Villaverde – a beautiful and affluent businesswoman–is mysteriously missing from the morgue. Presumably, Mayka died of a heart attack; nevertheless, who signed the death certificate, as her autopsy is still pending? In the end, there is a general principle in forensic medicine which specifically states that every death is a homicide until proven otherwise. But, finding out who is behind this fiendishly difficult case is going to be an arduous task. Can Inspector Jaime Peña get to the bottom of it?



Director Mikkel Nørgaard

IMDb Rating

Rugged and irritable Carl Morck (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) and his colleague, the Syria-born Assad, run the cold-case division of the Copenhagen police. After a desperate appeal to Morck about the unsolved killing of his own teenage children, an ex-cop commits suicide. This leads the detective pair on a twisted mission to discover what really happened in the 1990s at one of the country’s poshest boarding schools. Director Mikkel Norgaard reunites with lead stars Kaas and Fares to portray this taut fiction which again alternates deftly between the past and present.



Director Christian Alvart

IMDb Rating

Medical examiner Paul finds in the body of another deceased a capsule with a note on which is written the name of his daughter and a phone number. He, without understanding anything, dials the indicated numbers. At the other end of the wire is his kidnapped daughter, who in a learned voice gives him instructions from the kidnapper. A game of cat and mouse begins with the killer, with new victims and clues constantly appearing.


The Collini Case

Director Marco Kreuzpaintner

IMDb Rating

Fabrizio Collini (Franco Nero), a retired Italian worker, who had been living in Germany for 35 years, kills an elderly wealthy industrialist well known throughout the country. Collini’s defense has been assigned to a public defender, the young lawyer Caspar Leinen (Elayas M’Barek), at his first major trial. However, Caspar had been a protegee of the murdered person, who he considered as a kind of father.

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